We know there is a lot more to painting than just straight lines and solid colors, but we also know the value of a solid foundation! We have many things in place to go above and beyond, and that includes getting the basics right! We invest a lot of time and energy to ensure you get a great product every time! That includes inside, outside and about everywhere in between. It is our goal to solve your painting needs!


Not every surface is ready for paint. Sometimes they need a little help before we are ready to add some new color or a durable new coating. We are able to fully service any drywall repair or addition you may have. We are able to give you a great product, from the drywall out!

Wood Repair/Replacement

Weather can be a hard thing on wood around a house. Rotten wood, warped surfaces, or just life damages can leave your home exposed and vulnerable to the weather. We are certified through South Carolina to properly treat most any type of wood damage. We do not simply cover up damaging areas around your house. We correct them the right way, so you can focus on what is important!

Pressure Cleaning/Soft Cleaning

Not every house needs to be blasted by the high pressure of a pressure washer, but every surface does need to be cleaned properly prior to being painted. We have perfected our biodegradable washing system to not only clean your house, driveway, or deck, but we don’t hurt or damage any of your flowers, children’s toys, or other personal items that you have worked hard for. Just because you need work done, doesn’t mean you need to be stressed!

"Everything we do is with you in mind! We understand that we are guests at your home,
and we go out of our way to act like your guests! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your progress!"

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